Wiggling Tails at Fog Fest!

Wiggling Tails at Fog Fest!

Pacifica: The gentle ocean breeze mingles with echoes of laughter and celebration, an atmosphere brought to life each year by the Pacific Coast Fog Fest. This longstanding tradition, with roots dating back to 1986, is more than a mere local event – it's a canvas of artistic expression and community spirit that beckons you. What's even more enticing for pet enthusiasts? The presence of Wiggling Tails!

A Foggy Legacy and a Community's Heart

Launched in 1986, The Fog Fest’s purpose was twofold: to spotlight the wonders of Pacifica and to rejoice in its awe-inspiring coastline. The choice of the last full weekend of September(23-24) is no accident – it coincides with a historically unbeatable weather during this time.

The festival unfurls its enchantment on Saturday morning at 10:00 A.M., marked by the spirited Discover Pacifica Parade and a captivating marching band competition. As festival-goers linger, they're greeted by an array of artistic treasures at the arts and crafts booths, an array of culinary delights, live musical performances that resonate through the salty air, and the joyous Family Fun Fest. It's a celebration that pays homage to the region's uniqueness and embraces the spirit of all Pacificans.

Wiggling Tails: Where Every Tail Finds Joy

Wiggling Tails, distinguished for their comprehensive pet care services encompassing dog daycare, dog boarding, and small animal pet care, is ready to join the Pacifica Fog Fest festivities.

Wiggling Tails brings their commitment to crafting a personalized haven for your cherished furry companions to their festival booth. It's a hub where you can engage in delightful conversations with their amicable staff. They're eager to share insights about their daycare and boarding services, and you'll have the chance to explore their carefully curated pet products, all lovingly designed with your pet's happiness in mind.

Curious about the nuances of dog care and training methodologies of "R+ training"? Lean on the expertise of Wiggling Tails' seasoned team. They'll be on hand to offer valuable advice, ensuring that your furry family member receives nothing but the highest quality care.

But that's not all! Amidst their spectrum of services and pet products, Wiggling Tails is offering festival attendees a chance to capture a piece of the experience. They're rolling out T-shirts and hoodies adorned with their unique silkscreened artwork – a splendid way to commemorate your Fog Fest adventure and champion their mission of delivering outstanding pet care.

So, whether you're a local pet owner or a devoted pet lover attending the Pacific Coast Fog Fest, be sure to make a beeline for Wiggling Tails' booth. The Pacific Coast Fog Fest isn't merely an event; it's an immersive journey, and with Wiggling Tails, it promises to be a pawsitively unforgettable one. See you there!

For more information on the Pacific Coast Fog Fest visit their homepage for details and times.

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